What I’ve been missing and how I found it.

When people ask me, as they often do, ‘What do you miss the most about Wales?’ They usually expect an answer that encompasses the three F’s of Andalucía; family, friends and food. Yet the act of missing is much more complex than that. Sometimes I find myself restless, inquieta, searching for an intangible feeling that I’ve only noticed by its absence. Yes, of course I miss my loved ones, but I also miss a certain freedom, a feeling, a way of talking or thinking, the way I am in the other place and what I do there. What I often miss is the sense of play, of creative possibility and collaboration that comes from being part of an artistic community. Of getting in a room and making things happen. Of talking through an idea that becomes so alive from the conversation that it hangs there in the space in front of you, phosphorescent and magical, being added to, challenged and developed by the voices in the room. Making things happen then, is what I have missed, creative play and the part of myself that feels free and able to do that is what I’ve missed.

Colectivo Nómada has become that missing place for me. A way to stop looking for and start actively creating the way I want to be and feel as an artist now, not limited to a here or a there but fluid, flexible and nomadic in place, language and medium.

And this is how the idea of a fundraising dinner began. It started from one of those conversations I mentioned above. The kind where ideas get bigger and more beautiful as you speak, but also the kind where ideas are for being made and getting done. That’s the beauty of focused collaborative energy.

Why then, hold a dinner specifically for Galgos del Sur? Well, I’ve been deeply affected by the story of the galgos here, it has shocked, disgusted and traumatised me to find out about the way in which these beautiful animals are treated and how this is normalised, hidden and allowed to continue without legal consequences. That these animals should suffer so much for the supposed recreation of hunting is abhorrent and the way they are disposed of, abandoned, shot, hung, killed, starved, tethered and treated as nothing more than objects left me with nightmares on more than one occasion. I felt overwhelmed by all of this information and decided to take small steps to do something, anything, to feel that I was taking positive action. The first thing I did was to support the association via their Teaming page, the next was to offer to become a volunteer at the refuge and the third was to share my worries and frustration about the situation with Magda and Ana, the colectivo, friends, animal lovers and creative artists.


photo by Magdalena Krasowski

We visited the refuge together and as Magda said in her previous post, a visit to the refugio isn’t sad, it is full of hope, beauty and love, just as these dogs are. So loving with their long velvet noses seeking you out, pushing at you for a stroke or a cuddle despite the trauma they’ve endured. Galgos have the most profound gaze, it tells you instantly about the hurt and pain they’ve experienced but it is also full of peace telling you that’s it’s ok now, that there is still time for play and love.

So it was with this energy of love and play that we planned our first event, a gathering of big-hearted people who also wanted to help a good cause; it would be a sensory feast, an experience, a thing of beauty, a delicious meal, an awareness raiser, a different kind of event for Córdoba and above all a fundraising dinner with all proceeds going to Galgos del Sur.




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